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Dec. 21st, 2010 | 02:20 am
mood: calmcalm

So, I've been thinking. & actually, I've been upset at the fact that I get really busy during school that I don't have time to FANGIRL at all.  VERRY UPSET! However, I'm glad, somewhat because I have gotten through another semester of nursing school. Three more semesters left til the REAL world with licensing tests and work. Time sure does fly by.

Anyways. What I was thinking is maybe I can get like a penpal (or email pal) that would be willing to update me monthly when school starts? I know it may be too much to ask, but I really do feel disconnected when I get onto breaks such as winter, or summer break.  It's just an idea. So for those who read my LJ, please consider? and let me know through comments (which are screened).

As for updates with my life and FANGIRLing. Let's see.

- watched: mioka, hotaru no  hikari. sunao ni narenkute
- still need to finish: hotaru no hikari 2. ninkyo helper.

- HeySayJUMP. Arigatou PV: (my thoughts) I've missed out soo damn much with these kids, or may i say males. They're all so grown up. 'Twas weird but nice to see.
- NEWS. THERE WAS A NEWS UNPLUGGED DVD. And i missed it. UNBELIEVABLE. From what I watched. It was an amazing DVD. Ugh! Im so disappointed in myself =(
- other bands: I still need to catch up.

Life: I must say 2010 was a VERRY interesting year. I've lost very important family members this year. Heartbroken, of course.  Struggled with information that affected my emotions due to my family. My last week of school which led into finals was kind of chaotic. But I thank God I got through it, and finished strong enough. 

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